Energy Healing

St Germain

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Energy healing can come in many forms and is practised under a number of different disciplines – From Tai Chi to Reiki, Kundalini Yoga to shamanic practices such as Munay Ki, we are able to channel the energy of the universe to heal ourselves and to heal others.

If we begin with the base principle that the universe is made up of energies and frequencies of those energies, we can soon begin to see the potential benefits of harnessing and channelling those energies for wellbeing and spiritual development.

The reason we talk of energy healing on this blog is that in discussing Northern Shamanic Tradition in terms of music, there is a clearly definable link between the frequency that makes up a pitch and the healing benefits of these frequencies in energy healing practise.

A ‘note’ is sound energy repeated. Frequency is the number of times per second that sound energy is repeated – referred to as ‘cycles’ and measured in Hertz (hz) e.g. 1hz = 1 cycle per second – so we find that the middle ‘A’ on a piano has been standardised to 440hz.

The human ear can detect sounds for location in the range between 20hz-20khz depending on age. That’s a low bass frequency of 20 repeats per second all the way up to 20 thousand repeats per second.

The lower the frequency range used by an instrument, or healer, the more subtle the energy used and the closer the perception of that sound energy comes to ‘feeling’ as opposed to ‘hearing’.

Cymatics is the study of the patterns found in sound frequencies and shows visual representations of those patterns as being simpler the lower the frequency and more complex as the frequency rises.

These lower frequencies we feel more than hear can be too subtle for us to perceive per se; however, the more we work with energy healing, the more we recognise and know what feelings and sensations to look out for.

The ancient art of Reiki healing and Seichem – an energy healing discipline which encompasses the four elements of earth energy (Reiki) in addition to wind, water, and fire energies – are likely to have informed the practises of the Northern Tradition Shamans and this goes some way to rationalising the Northern folk stories, for example the ‘magic of the gods’ but then, taking for example the Finnish creation story of the Kalevala, where the world was ‘sung into existence’, it is not too far fetched to consider the possibilities that Siberian Shamanic Tradition worked with energy frequencies through song and the low frequency bass feeling emanating from the shamanic drum and used this principle of harnessing energy and energy healing which travelled to the Noaidi of Sami culture and the Shamanic Inuits of Greenland.