Meditation is so important to a healthy mind, body, and soul; aside from raising the vibration of the universal pool of consciousness, it lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and helps in all interactions of our daily lives.

In living with chronic illness, I found meditation to be incredibly useful for managing my condition, increasing energy, and reducing pain.

The first stage of my opening up to meditation and the many forms, philosophies, and techniques was being introduced to Rebecca Campbell’s Light is the New Black and her lovely meditations for Lightsourcing.

Lightsourcing is an amazing way of freeing the personality from the need for external fulfilment, because it gives you the tools to fulfil and nourish yourself anywhere, at any time, in groups or on your own.

When you begin Working Your Light, it helps to have these meditations as a guide, but by using the template of the meditation to guide myself, I’ve used Lightsourcing in an amazing variety of places, on buses, in the steam room; it really is a case of giving you a fishing rod as opposed to the frequent reliance people develop on fish handouts, so it’s a pretty cool place to start.

As Rebecca is a full time professional spirit worker, her meditations aren’t on Youtube but by clicking on this link, you’ll find one of my favourite RC lightsourcing meditations for the princely sum of £6. I was lucky enough to get a free copy when I pre-ordered her second book, but I would wholeheartedly say that aside from this being a great way to support Rebecca’s great work, it’s more than worth it.

The link has a pop-up invitation to a free Lightsourcing meditation and there’s no snags – it’s a great meditation which I still use often if I am a little pressed for time but still want to honour my commitment to myself to Lightsource every day but the Well Replenishment meditation is really nice, beginning with a great grounding technique of visualising roots wrapping around the centre of the earth and drawing “whatever it is you need, you don’t even need to know what you need” from this source before the Lightsourcing part begins.

I love this approach, because our mundane bodies are often too bogged down in the mire of everyday life to know what we need, and in energy healing, we are opening ourselves up to allow our higher selves to order the pizza being better equipped to do so than our conscious human minds.

So in the absence of finding the Well Replenishment meditation freely available to share, I was really chuffed when my master was giving me attunement for the Violet Flame of Saint Germain; because the meditation she played during the attunement was very similar in many respects and offers more facets to share.

Probably my favourite YouTube meditation page is Meditations with Rasa – I keep coming back to it for different things, because Rasa Lukosiute has the most lovely, calming, and mystical voice and her meditations are always so relaxing – definitely not one for a car journey though, as I have used Rasa’s meditations to get me off to sleep on numerous occasions and it works almost every time!

So below is the first meditation I found from Rasa’s considerable collection, but the one after is really useful for developing the self and raising the vibration, so read on!

So the next meditation is important not just for the title of ‘Finding a Romantic Partner’ – it’s important for making all relationships and everyday interactions work better, because Rasa uses some amazing techniques and affirmations to help the listener love themselves first; so I would recommend giving it a try to raise the vibration and develop themselves to be a more calmer and loving person so we can all share that example with those we meet.

Another way we can improve our everyday interactions in life is to not hang on to things that cause us pain, such as when either someone wrongs us, or we’re so boiled up in a negative experience with a person or place that we can’t be sure if we were in the wrong even…the idea of cutting cords sounds like an intense, drastic, and final approach; but it really isn’t as extreme as it may seem and can give us some real perspective on a situation- often more than enough to either walk away from a toxic situation, or to see how our interactions can have affected or even caused the problem in the first place. I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for our mistakes or shortcomings, and the following meditation will help if you are unfortunate to be in the situation where you can’t walk away from a toxic situation or you can’t see the forest for the trees enough to dissolve your own impact on the situation.

I should probably mention that the first time I played this video, after the meditation, I jumped a little when Lisa calls out her web address, so don’t be too surprised and certainly don’t be put off by  it – I’ve gone back to this meditation on a few occasions and got a lot from it!

There’s plenty more meditations I’d like to share in future, but the above will probably be more than enough for the time being!

For now, I’ll leave you with another of my faves, from Dakota Walker at Sacred Soul Centre. It’s a Twin Flame meditation and before you get caught up in what a Twin Flame relationship could be, I would recommend reading up on Lonerwolf as they seem to have the most realistic perspectives on Twin Flames and are a great resource for all things spiritual.

Dakota’s meditation has an interesting approach in that she works with the chakras and sends energy back and forth between the base and crown chakras; an approach I’ve yet to hear elsewhere. Like Rasa, Dakota has a lovely calming and mystic voice, and even if you’re soul development is not ready to find your twin flame and all the joys and sorrows that come with it, it’s a great Shamanic meditation that also has some guidance on what a twin flame relationship is and also elucidates why we meditate to raise the vibration; and again, like Rasa, the production values are awesome – with great recording quality and perfect musical accompaniment.

Finally…(for now) Here’s a simple Shamanic drumming meditation – no words, just the drum!