Eivør Pálsdóttir is probably the best known export of the astoundingly beautiful Faroe Islands – where you will also find great links to their Nordic origins which inspire the artists such as the Kvæði – Faroese ballads which influence Eivør’s work; in addition to the Northern Shamanic Tradition which inspired Tròdlabùndin in the above link, with Eivør’s trance inducing growls and chants accompanied only by a Shamanic peg drum.

Ygdrassil – named after the Nordic Tree of Life – also hail from the Faroe Islands and have also worked with Eivør. Here, their Nordic heritage influences ‘Prose Edda’ with a combination of psy trance and downtempo ambient music to reflect a more electronic side of music originating from native folk lore.

Mari Boine blends beautiful folk music with pulsating drones akin to Shamanic ritual song and is an outspoken ambassador for the rights and culture of her native Sámi heritage.

Another vital exponent of modern Sámi culture is Sofia Jannok, using the traditional Joik of Sápmi in her ethereal music and also outspoken on equality for her people; this example is a requiem for the high suicide rate among the Sámi people, as it is essential for equality in order to break the water of the devastation of the native Nordic people and remove the core wounds heartlessly superimposed upon their beautiful and gentle culture.


Seen here with the traditional Shamanic drum, Sofia also brings the Northern Shamanic Tradition to her music and, like Mari Boine, uses her position in society to support and speak for her people; the modern equivalent of the Shamanic ‘for the many’ approach.

Other notable artists working with the Joik form include:

And in addition, this WordPress site has some great examples including the Karellian Joik, all of which I intend to explore in greater detail – no disrespect is meant to these artists by not exploring them further at this time, as this website progresses, I intend to cover each artist in greater detail as they are very much relevant to the Feeding the Flame project in exploration of modern cultural links to Nordic lore and Northern Shamanic Tradition.

Sequentia – the German Medieval music ensemble have drawn from Nordic lore in their interpretation of the Prose Edda.


Through exploration on this musical journey, I discovered the gorgeous bouncy Celtic melodies of Faun. Also hailing from Germany, Faun explore Nordic and Celtic lore through traditional instrumentation accompanied by more traditional rock and electronic music and their videos are just lovely!

Lots more music to follow!